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Sessions for immediate support/information.

We understand how overwhelming the ADHD world is so we have an offering to help support you navigate it. These once off sessions take place on zoom and cover a wides range of areas, see below for more details. You can book as many as you require.

ADHD Connections

Power Hour


If you are feeling overwhelmed, not sure where to start or have a hit a wall, this online session is a good space to get advice or support to manage the current challenge you are facing.

Parent Support

Parents of ADHDers

If you are worried about your children, or looking to better understand them, looking for support navigating the assessment process or want advice on how to tell your child about their diagnosis.

ADHD Connections
ADHD Connections

Crisis Intervention


If you, or your child is experiencing severe challenges with Mental Health or Suicidal Ideation, you can schedule a session to reduce potential damage and make a plan for management and support.

Prospective Coaches

Coaches in Training

If you are looking to embark on the journey to becoming a Coach yourself and would like to discuss the process with Claire, you can book in for a 1:1 session online to ask your questions & learn from her.

ADHD Connections
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Claire is a Certified and Accredited Coach, trauma informed and a positive mental health practitioner trained in various aspects. This enables her to support you in the most efficient way possible,

To learn more about Claire's Coaching Programme, click the button below to read what our previous Clients said about their experience.

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