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The ADHD Wheel

The ADHD Wheel

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Are you struggling to single out the challenges holding you back from success?


Not sure which one to tackle first &  unable to identify any strengths you might have?


The solution is here…. And it’s The ADHD Wheel!


A 3 step tool to help you to asses the imact of ADHD on your life, make changes where you can and let go of what you can't.

What The ADHD Wheel Can Do For You:


  • Uses proven psychological personal development technique to increase success.


  • Define the the areas in your life where you experience your primary challenges.


  • Supports you to set goals and identify strengths.


  • Reduces the overwhelm when dealing with obstacles & enables you to focus on one are of challenge at a time.


If you feel that focus and clarity will give you a better life…


Try The ADHD Wheel now.....


Take charge of your success!



  • Easy to follow.
  • Reusable, Printable & editable.
  • 14 pages.
  • Theory behing the creation.
  • Examples on how to use it.
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