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Group Coaching

Suitable for Teens, Young Adults & Adults

Small group coaching is more affordable and less intensive. It is a great space for individuals to explore their ADHD qualities and learn how to reduce their challenges while benefiting from peer to peer support and creating new friendships. Group Coaching offers individuals the opportunity to create a sense of belonging.

Introduction Video

Need to Know

Press play on the clip to watch a Claire explaining the group coaching process.

Please know that you  enlarge this video towatch it in full screen in a separate window.

Youth ADHD Group Coaching

Teen Group

14-18 yr olds

Helping teens to better understand their ADHD brains and navigate the neurotypical centered secondary school academic system. 2 terms per year.

Young Adults

18-25 yr olds

Supporting the transition into third level education and enhancing participation to improve overall experiences and outcomes. 2 terms per year.

College ADHD Group Coaching
Adult ADHD Group Coaching

Adult Group

25 yrs old +

A journey of learning and discovery through group conversations, education and activities, while gaining insight from other ADHDers. Join anytime, rolling terms.

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ADHD Coaching

Claire is a trauma informed, positive mental health practitioner trained in various spiritual practices which she may introduce from time to time. This enables her to support you in the most efficient way possible, and allows you to bring all elements of your life to the coaching space.

To learn more about Claire's Coaching Programmes, click the button below to read what our previous Clients said about their experience.

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