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Reduce challenges,
Lead from strengths

Working in partnership, Coaching offers individuals the opportunity to discover their strengths and find out who they really are while working towards specific goals and desired outcomes. Learn how to work alongside your brain, and develop your own personal strategies to create a new way forward.

Group Coaching

Youth, College, Adults

Affordable, small group space, peer support and coaching techniques to better understand ADHD and how it shows up for you.

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1:1 Personal Coaching

Adults, Young Adults

Private intensive space to explore challenges faced on a deeper level while creating solutions to reach your full potential.

Executive Coaching

Entrepreneurs, CEO's, Managers, Team Leads

Working with professionals on specific goals to improve performance and create better experiences in the workplace.


Corporate Coaching

Suitable for Corporate Organisations

Supporting team members with ADHD to thrive within an organisation in the workplace, overcome challenges and increase productivity.

Other Professionals

There are some area's that we do not specialise in or do not have the capacity to offer. Below we have listed some professionals working in specific areas that we don't cover here at ADHD Connections. Those listed below have specific training and qualifications in their niche area. 

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