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Below is a collection of interviews with Claire on various media platforms. This will help you to get a better idea of Claire, who she is and how she works.


Ireland AM
ADHD Care Podcast

Print & Newspapers

Claire Twomey Irish Independant
Claire Twomey Irish Examiner


Understanding ADHD

Claire Twomey Understanding ADHD

Understanding ADHD Coaching

Claire Twomey ADHD Coaching

Uncovering  Strengths

Claire Twomey Understanding ADHD Strengths

Instagram Lives

ADHD Assessment
ADHD Diagnosis
ADHD Strengths


Claire Twomey on Ray D'Arcy
ADHD Coaching 
Claire Twomey on LMFM
My ADHD diagnosis
Claire Twomey on the Hard Shoulder

Growing Up With ADHD

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