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Public Speaking

Suitable for schools, college, workplaces & organisations.

In Person and Online Talks and Workshops on ADHD :

  • To build awareness of what ADHD is.

  • To support ADHDers.

  • To help others understand ADHD and support the ADHDers around them.

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ADHD in Schools

Claire is on a mission to raise awareness and understanding of ADHD in educational environments. She believes that it is possible to improve students experience while also supporting staff working with ADHDers.  This will greatly impact upon outcomes in later life. Early diagnosis and interventions are crucial in improving the quality of live of students.

ADHD in Colleges

The transition to third level education is often a turbulent one, with the structure and guidance provided in first and second level education vanishing. Students often experience overwhelm and fall behind. By increasing awareness and building understanding, you are creating a space for the ADHD college student to  prevent burn out, drop outs and failure.

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ADHD in the Workplace

Perhaps there are members on your team who are diagnosed with ADHD. Awareness and understanding of the strengths and needs of ADHDers can increase your employees confidence and productivity levels. Means that the benefits of ADHD awareness in your workplace are far greater than in any other environment.

Understanding ADHD

If your organisation is working closely alongside the general public on an ongoing basis and comes across ADHD, providing more information to your staff on the composition and characteristics of an ADHD brain will greatly improve communication with your service users and create better relationships with outsiders to your organisation.

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ADHD in Sports

Many athletes are diagnosed with ADHD. Many ADHDers engage in sports as a way to reduce challenges of ADHD. Understanding the value of sport and how ADHD can impact the athletes performance, Claire pulls on her personal experience and professional knowledge to educated and inform coaches, trainers, parents and management.

If you would like to have Claire visit your premises to deliver a talk or workshop click the button below.

Attendee Feedback

ADHD Connections

This was an eye opener & every coach should sit in on to become educated & informed.

ADHD Connections

The interest in this talk had been incredibly high, and it's been the biggest turn out we have had. 

ADHD Connections

The students felt incredibly seen and understood. The teachers had their eyes opened.

ADHD Connections

Of all the online talks we held this year, this was the most informal with the highest activity in the chat box.

ADHD Connections

Extremely engaging and energetic. She has a great way of connecting with her audience.

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