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Executive Coaching

Entrepreneurs, CEO's. Managers, Team Leads

A intensive 1:1 space for professionals to enable mindset and behavioural change while exploring their ADHD qualities to improve experiences and produce results. Coaching offers individuals the opportunity for partnership and accountability while working towards specific goals and desired outcomes.  

ADHD Connections Executive Coaching

How It Works

The Process

A psycho-educational & psycho-social methodology where you learn about ADHD & how it affects your functionality. It aims to support you towards finding strategies, building skills & better manage ADHD traits. While working towards pursuing your goals, we also explore & identify the areas of strengths and passion.

Who It's For

The Profile

Working with Leaders, Managers, CEOs, Business Owners & Entrepreneurs whether they have been recently diagnosed or identify with ADHD traits. ADHD Coaching can only be beneficial when clients voluntarily participate in the process, it requires hard work & willingness to change.

ADHD Connections
ADHD Connections

Potential Outcomes

The Possibilities

Reduction in daily struggle & anxiety. Improved mental health & self-worth. Design & apply individual strategies & effective systems in order achieve goals & desired outcomes. Gain clarity & generate change in behaviour, communication skills & thinking patterns. Achieve expected results in your professional career.

Explore Further

The Next Step

The first step is to have a Discovery Call with Claire to see if you are the right fit. If you are curious to know more or are interested in enrolling on the 1:1 programme click the button below.

ADHD Connections
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To learn more about Claire's Coaching Programmes, click the button below to read what our previous Clients said about their experience.

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