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ADHD Events & Workshops

If you are interested in learning more about ADHD, but are not ready to commit to the coaching journey then the workshop space is for you. Claire has created bespoke 2 hour sessions with education, coaching concepts and activities to help ADHDers better understand their unique brain wiring.


No events at the moment



I have a completely new perspective after beginning to feel weighed down with a sense of negativity from all the things that ADHD is reported to make harder. 

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Don't hesitate, sign up to this workshop where Claire flips the script about ADHD, and helps you see what YOU can uniquely do best!

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After the workshop my mood had lifted significantly. I felt “I can do this” rather than “I can’t do this” and I have a better understanding of myself.


The workshop set realistic goals that didn't involve changing everything to fit into the neurotypical world. Even the way it was delivered the felt it was relatable.

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